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R3 Maahanmuuttajanuorten tuki ry (R3 Immigrant Youth Support Association) was founded in 2003 with the aim of supporting and improving the status and life situations of immigrant youth in Finland. The association has dedicated itself to preventing the marginalization and social exclusion of young immigrants with the help of social workers, public officers, education practitioners and immigrants themselves. The association is politically and religiously independent.

R3 is an abbreviation of the association’s values: respectrights and responsibility. These three are the central principles in life for both young people and adults.

R3 Action! -Youth Centre

R3 Action! -Youth Centre is a place to meet friends, play games, use the internet and have a coffee every Friday afternoon. R3 Youth Centre offers group activities and individual advising for young people aged 18-29. The center is located in Myyrmäki, Vantaa and it’s open six days a week. You can find our activity calendar here (in Finnish). All our services are free. You are welcome to join us anytime!

Our workers support young people in managing their personal lives, such as issues with accommodation, benefits and debts, household, health, social relationships, and meaningful use of time. Our aim is to help young people to commit to studies or work.

You can find our contact information from here.


The aim of this project is to:

1) Support young people in a weaker position in the labor market to recognize their strengths and barriers to their professional growth, and work towards realistic professional goals. We will especially support NEETs with immigrant background.

2) Develop the future planning methods for youth with youth workshops, immigrant NGOs and Ohjaamos (one-stop guidance centers for young people) together with youth and professionals in order to reach more effectively the aims mentioned above. The professionals will get improved tools to support the youth’s participation, sense of community, health and working skills.

R3’s responsibility in the project is to develop and test new future planning approaches in small groups of young individuals that are in weaker position in the labor market. Please contact the R3 project coordinator Laura Vepsäläinen for further information: e-mail: and tel.+358 452251941.

The project's other implementing partners are Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (Xamk) and R3 The Immigrant Youth Support Association together with youth workshops in Helsinki Vocational College, Ohjaamo Kouvola and Ohjaamo Keski-Uusimaa. We will work together with Finnish Refugee Council, The National Roma Forum of Finland and National Workshop Association in communication and distribution.

R3 Romaninuori

R3 Romaninuori project is for the Roma youth (aged 18-34). This project supports Roma youth with various options: individual and group counselling, camps, trips, courses or simple things such as spending free time at R3 youth centre in Myyrmäki. Every Monday our centre is open only for the Roma youth from 16 to 20 o’clock. All our services are free. You can find our activity calendar here (in Finnish).

The aim of this project is to support and ensure the Roma youth’s well-being and participation. The target group of this project are the Roma youth located in the Finnish Capital region.

If you have any questions, please contact the project coordinator Aino Tiitta +358452236410 or the project worker Tamara Åkerlund +358503200654.