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Welcome to R3 – Youth organisation for young immigrants and Roma youth

R3 Maahanmuuttajanuorten tuki ry (R3 Immigrant Youth Support Association) was founded in 2003 with the aim of improving the well-being of immigrant youth in Finland. We are dedicated to preventing marginalisation and social exclusion of young immigrants. At R3 everyone is welcome regardless of origin, identity, political views or religious faith – that's what R3 stands for: Respect, Rights and Responsibility.

At our premises in Myyrmäki we offer you free advice on accommodation, benefits & debts management, job search & CV writing, social relationships, health, hobbies and everything that concerns your personal wellbeing. Our staff strives to help you succeed in school, work and social life. We work closely with other professionals such as social workers, education practitioners and public social services. On top of that you will enjoy access to a robust network of our partner organisations that work with young immigrants.

R3 Action! Our project for 18 to 29 years old young adults

Come and visit us at our Youth Centre in Myyrmäki! Here you can meet our advisers, make new friends, use our computer facilities, play games, enjoy a cup of coffee and join our events and group activities.

Also check out our activity calendar here. We are open six days a week and all our services and activities are of course free of charge. We look forward to meeting you!

Click here to find out our contact details.

R3 Romaninuori – Our project for 18 to 34 years old Roma youth

This project is specifically aimed to promote the well-being and participation of all Roma youth in the Finnish capital region.

At our Youth Centre we offer you individual and group counselling, camps, trips, courses and other interesting activities such as our sewing group or karaoke sessions. Come and visit us! Here you can meet new people, have a chat or just relax in our own Roma Youth room. Every Monday evening from 4 pm to 8 pm our Youth Centre is only open for Roma youth. All our services are of course free of charge.

Click here to find our activity calendar.

In case of any questions, please contact our project worker: Tamara Åkerlund +358503200654.